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Accelerated Growth at Tokio Marine

Growth of international insurance business within the Tokio Marine Group

Accelerated Growth image

Share of our international insurance business has increased significantly from 3% in early 2000 to 41% of the total earnings of the group in 2017.

Tokio Marine Group consists of Tokio Marine Holdings, 245 subsidiaries, and 32 affiliates located worldwide, operating extensively in the non-life insurance business, life insurance business, and financial and general businesses. Since its establishment in 1879 as Japan’s first non-life insurance company, Tokio Marine Group has been expanding its business globally from the domestic non-life insurance business to the life insurance business and the international insurance business. As seen in the above graphic, Tokio Marine Group has more than doubled its earnings in only ten years, and significantly expanded its share of international business to over a third of total insurance business.

Tokio Marine Group will continue to increase sustainable growth potential by establishing a solid business platform that:

  • Enhances the value we deliver to customers
  • Promotes innovation
  • Strengthens research and development

As a growing global insurance leader, we are looking to acquire the best talent to serve as the driving force of our value creation. Through the Management Associate Program, participants will have the opportunity to grow along with the Tokio Marine Group in an extensive worldwide network.

Tokio Marine Group currently serves 37 countries and regions through offices in 469 cities, and is continuing to expand its global footprint.

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