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Tokio Marine Acquisition Strategy

Tokio Marine Group has grown year over year since 2000 as a result of our large-scale acquisitions, including R.J. Kiln, Philadelphia Insurance Companies, Delphi Financial Group, and HCC Insurance Holdings. Through mergers and acquisitions, Tokio Marine Group has pursued additional growth opportunities globally to further expand the scale and profit of its international insurance business. Our Group sought to acquire companies that demonstrated sound management, a robust business model, and significant growth potential.

By building a geographically diversified business portfolio, we are able to effectively manage our risk and position ourselves toward substantial growth. In addition, the greater diversification of the Group's portfolio will lead to a more solid business platform for higher capital efficiency and continuous profit growth for the Group as a whole. Our acquisition and diversification strategy has allowed Tokio Marine to continuously grow and become a top-tier global insurance group.

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Since the year 2000, Tokio Marine's international insurance business has grown substantially due to the large-scale acquisitions of Kiln, Philadelphia, Delphi, and HCC.

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